About Us

We have great pleasure to present you, our first illustrated commercial product guide. This guide contains, comprehensive information about all our products. We, at Biore Veg Seeds, a company established in 2009, by entrepreneurs of over 9 years’ experience in seed industry, have been continuously endeavoring to achieve our goals : To breed, develop and provide varieties that are market specific and can be grown in different agronomical conditions, seasons, areas which can meet farmers’ expectations, in terms of quality, performance and profitability.

Our aim, is to provide farmers with excellent seeds at reasonable prices and are committed in being “Biore Veg”, as our bond denotes, to all our customers, globally. In short, the company is committed to its motto :

“Spreading prosperity everywhere.”

Wishing you all, happy seasons ahead.

Biore Veg Seeds self produces seed requirement right from the breeder seed to the foundation, to seed production in all major , supported by dedicated team under stringent quality control measures. High quality hybrid seed is produced under the close supervision of experienced production experts. Seed processing is a crucial win in seed industry and the processing personnel are well trained to give consistent quality of packed seeds. The processing plant is monitored through an unique

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